About Me

I am Greg Barbu. I live in Wooster Ohio with my wife, often a grandchild or two, and a bunch of computers. I have been programming since the late 1960’s. That’s when I took a Learn BASIC course on a teletype hooked to the GE network with a 300 baud modem. My earliest programming was done on an Exidy Sorcerer and a Commodore PET. Although I officially majored in Math in college, I took computer courses as they were introduced into the curriculum. It was there I learned Assembler, Fortran, SNOBOL and COBOL.

I was working at a Fortune 500 company when the IBM PC was announced. I purchased one within weeks of the release and sat it on my desk at work. As might be expected, it caused quite a deal of interest within the information systems department. Within a short time the organization’s personal computers became my responsibility and I purchased PC’s and trained users throughout the company.

When Paradox, a database and programming environment, came along I could see the PC had developed into a tool for creating robust business applications. In 1990, I left the security of the Fortune 500 company and started MicroGuide, a business software consulting company. Paradox applications were my bread and butter the first ten years or so. I am currently using Delphi for business applications and Ruby on Rails for web development.

As someone who loves to tinker with electronics and computers, the Arduino and Raspberry Pi have captured my interest.

I have relied on the web as a resource for information since the days of telenet and ftp. It is now time to give back. I am going to blog about the things I am doing  with the Raspberry Pi, Arduino and anything else that I think may be of interest. However, mostly I am blogging to help me remember what I did “the last time.” 

Greg Barbu
February 23, 2016